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Introducing My Disney Star and Friends

Bringing reading into the classroom with Disney Kids Readers

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3 reasons to teach with Pearson’s Disney courses


Each product is a joy to teach with. They include stunning artwork from animated movies and/or film stills from live action films, with a range of support materials for flexible teaching.


Every product incorporates a link to real-life learning and living, giving young learners a solid base to become well-rounded citizens and have satisfying personal and professional lives.


All courses have a strong pedagogical foundation. They are aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE), offering a robust learning experience with clear, measurable learning goals.

Bringing reading into the classroom with Disney Kids Readers

Using readers in the young learner classroom often gets put in the “nice to do if there’s time” category. However, there is compelling evidence to show that placing reading—in all its forms—at the heart of the learning experience in the primary years, can have a life-long positive impact on a child.

In this webinar, Rachel discusses the importance of building a reading habit from a young age, and showing how to use readers in the classroom with the help of the Disney Kids Readers.

About Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson is the series editor of the Disney Kids Readers program. She has over 25 years’ experience in teaching, training, editing, and writing for young learners of English. After being based in Asia for 26 years, she now divides her time between Portugal and Hong Kong.